Que vivan Peruvian Correos workers!


I got to expand my Peruvian resume today.  I worked for 15 minutes as a postal employee.  Que alegria!  Seriously.  It was great fun.

About an hour after I mailed 10+ postcards here, I realized that on none of them had I written “USA” beneath the US addresses.  Oops.

So, off I went running to the Correos.

Spoke to several lovely people; and with their Supervisor they let me in and allowed me to go through the mail to find mis postales and correct them.  I think that I found all of them; but, I couldn’t be sure about the total for that particular mail drop.  So they told me- upon learning my handwriting- that they would write “USA” on any postcard I missed.

And they all did this with great patience for me and good humor.  Cudos Correos de Peru!!  Way to work well, flexibly and be of service to the customer.  What a concept.

Civil servants everywhere: please learn from this experience!!!!!!

P.S. I saw things being mailed from Peru to: Poland, France, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Germany, USA, and many, many more…


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