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One view from tonight’s Ollantaytambo lodging. Beauty, grandeur, serenity, peace, sweet breezes, great yarn and wonderful friends. We recognize how lucky we are, and hope that our multiple collaborative endeavors continue to lead us in the direction of creative and useful solidarity and sustainability.

Que vivan Peruvian Correos workers!


I got to expand my Peruvian resume today.  I worked for 15 minutes as a postal employee.  Que alegria!  Seriously.  It was great fun.

About an hour after I mailed 10+ postcards here, I realized that on none of them had I written “USA” beneath the US addresses.  Oops.

So, off I went running to the Correos.

Spoke to several lovely people; and with their Supervisor they let me in and allowed me to go through the mail to find mis postales and correct them.  I think that I found all of them; but, I couldn’t be sure about the total for that particular mail drop.  So they told me- upon learning my handwriting- that they would write “USA” on any postcard I missed.

And they all did this with great patience for me and good humor.  Cudos Correos de Peru!!  Way to work well, flexibly and be of service to the customer.  What a concept.

Civil servants everywhere: please learn from this experience!!!!!!

P.S. I saw things being mailed from Peru to: Poland, France, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Germany, USA, and many, many more…